Look and Feel

  • Give your story a distinct gameplay atmosphere through look and feel.
  • Customize your theme (mystery, sci-fi, dark, adventure, whimsical)
  • Customize your user interface (show/hide inventory, navigation, action menus)
  • Choose top-down perspective or Point of View navigation

Story Flow

Linear Story Flow

Create a visual linear story game, adding graphics and media to your story. Make it as interactive as you want with collectibles, clickables, and triggers.

Branching Story Flow

Want to give players more choices? Create story paths that branch, with decision points and consequences. Soon you’ll be able to serialize your stories and player choices in earlier stories will impact subsequent stories in your universe. Examples include Choose Your Own Adventure novels.

Complex Story Flow

Want to get even more complex? Create a sandbox world for players to explore. Set up side quests and tasks for them to complete to progress in the story. Create your own open world story game like Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto (but with static images).
Click here if you would like to view a pdf compilation of these Story Flow diagrams.