StoryStylus FAQ


What is StoryStylus?

StoryStylus is a software platform for the creation and publication of interactive story content. It runs on Silverlight and publishes games in Flash. Think of it as a fancy word processor that makes narrative-focused games. We’ve broken down story elements like people, places, events, conversations and items into building blocks for you to create your open worlds for your audience to explore.

How is this different from other game making software?

  • Provides a graphical game interface with templates
  • Upload media files – sound, art, photographs, movie files
  • Serialization of content whereby actions and decisions in earlier stories can impact the player’s experience of subsequent stories (like Mass Effect)
  • Translation tools built in make it easy for you to work with translators or write your story in multiple languages
  • Built-in marketplace for those stories selected for publication

How do I install StoryStylus?

Please consult our step-by-step install page.

Who can see my story games?

There are two places story games are displayed

  1. Shared direct links to your work
  2. Marketplace

Once you begin creating your story game, only you and the people you share the link with can see the story. The number of people who play your shared content depends on your subscription type.

The marketplace is where curated content is published by the staff of One More Story Games. These games have been reviewed, tested and approved by OMSG and authors receive royalties from the sale of their story games. There are no limits to the number of people who can play published content.

Where do players access my story games?

Stories are available for play on:

1. One More Story Games website portal via Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
2. GooglePlay Android app
3. Facebook
4. Apple’s App Store (coming soon)

What is the cost for StoryStylus?

Please consult our pricing page for more information.

What can I write?

If you plan to share your stories with friends and family only, you can write fan fiction or original content. You can use graphics and audio that are considered fair use (please use the attribution notations). You cannot charge money for content that contains other people’s intellectual property (characters, storylines, graphics).

If you plan to submit your stories for publication in our marketplace, you must have the full rights/permissions of all content (words, graphics, audio, video). You can use graphics and audio that are considered fair use (please use the attribution notations).

Your content must also meet our StoryStylus terms of service (which prohibits hate speech, obscenity, pornography, etc).

How do I get paid for my story games?

After you have created your story, shared and tested it, you can submit your story for publication to OMSG’s marketplace. Your story will be reviewed, tested again, and if published, will be sold for $1-8 CAD. You will accrue royalties on your story sales which are paid on a quarterly basis, with an exception for high grossing stories. Please refer to sections 6 & 7 of the Publishing Agreement for more details.

Who owns the intellectual property if I publish a story?

You the author! We’re not interested in “owning” anybody’s ideas, we want to empower people to tell GREAT STORIES! If you land some sort of “Hollywood” deal to turn your story into a summer blockbuster, then all we ask is that you thank StoryStylus. (…and possibly send us tickets to your premier!)

Where do I find more information about using StoryStylus?

  1. Check out our YouTube video tutorials. You’ll see our step by step videos and some of our overview videos.
  2. Access the in-tool help menus.
  3. Join in our email list to get notified about our regular webinars and live chats.  Subscribe to our mail list for notification.

What are the technical requirements for StoryStylus?

  • Windows OS (Mac OS coming soon)
  • Internet connection while working in StoryStylus
  • Flash (later than 20.0)
  • Silverlight 5.0

What if my question is not listed here?

Then we want to know! Please send us a message here.