There are lots of game creation tools out there – some are free. We’ve got a free version and we’ve got premium packages. 

StoryStylus Subscriptions

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Academic pricing and licensing provides volume-based pricing for qualifying education institutions. Schools can take advantage of free products and services, academic licensing and special offers. We welcome all education pricing inquiries at

Sharing versus published games

  • At this time, all creators can share their games privately by inviting people to activate a player account and granting them access to play their games. You can create fan fiction games but they can’t be released publicly due to fair use laws but you can designate who sees them. 
  • Curated content will be available for sale in OMSG’s marketplace via OMSG’ website and apps. Royalties are distributed to curated content creators. 
  • Tip jars are available to all games, shared or published. Don’t forget to tip your authors!