Coming Soon Features!

StoryStylus is in open beta. That means we’re working to add new features every week, giving you more options for creating your living, breathing, interactive story worlds. At this stage, we welcome early adopters with extra patience as we further refine the development process. Your feedback benefits everyone!

Author Dashboard

  • See how your story is doing – how many players are playing, for how long, which narrative paths they’re choosing.
  • See your sales statistics.
  • Generate product/promo keys to share with reviewers and special fans.
  • Promote your game across multiple social media channels.

Serialize your story worlds

Build your story world once. Create sequels and carry over player choices to subsequent story games. You can create an ongoing series of story games set in the same universe. Pick and choose which elements to change.

Translate for a Global Audience

Use the built in localization tool to work with translators or write your story in multiple languages. Swap default English-labelled images for localized language-labelled images. Swap graphics to be region-specific, including characters.

Multi-player gameplay, combat and chases

We can’t give all our secrets away but this one is pretty exciting. For more advanced narrative designers, you’ll be able to create multi-player gameplay, as well as combat and chase gameplay.

Geocaching Integration

Want to integrate live game experience with your interactive story? You’ll be able to implement geocaching into your story games!