About Us

What makes StoryStylus special?

The team at One More Story Games is committed to storytelling. That’s why we spent years developing StoryStylus. For us, story comes first. We’ve been working on developing our storytelling platform with a team of gamers, geeks, storytellers (and programmers!) to work towards a community for collaborative story game creation.

With StoryStylus, you’ll be able to create living, breathing interactive story worlds with photographs, videos, and audio. But most importantly, people will get to experience rich narrative, make decisions that impact their experience of the story and dive deeper into the storyteller’s imagination.

For a full list of our staff, advisors and storytelling wizards, visit our About Us page at One More Story Games.

Jean Leggett

Jean Leggett

Chief Executive Officer

Jean oversees operations – business development, marketing, finance and administration. Her background of 15+ years in executive administration, paired with her certified professional coaching designation and years of stand-up comedy, were essential to guiding One More Story Games through its formative years.

Jean prefers turn-based strategy games, is a sucker for Tex Murphy games and can outplay nearly any Tetris player. She is not allowed to play Clue (or Cluedo for you Brits) because she’s that good. ? She is also obsessed with dumplings.

Jean is passionate about diversity in games, especially as a hard of hearing woman born into a deaf family.

Blair Leggett

Blair Leggett

Chief Technical Officer

Blair Leggett started his games career at Electronic Arts in 2001, working on SSX3, Skate and Skate2. At Zynga San Francisco, he helped launch CityVille with a record-breaking DAU of 20M at the time. He also worked on CastleVille alongside the Zynga Dallas team. Blair is a total geek from back in the day – he created his first board game at age 6, computer game at age 12 in 1983. He loves HP Lovecraft and Doctor Who. His board game collection boasts over 250 games from all over the world.

Blair is passionate about storytelling in games and is the chief architect behind StoryStylus.