Bringing Storytellers and Technology together

to create living, breathing, interactive story worlds

Tell me a Story!

StoryStylus is a publishing platform that makes it easy to create narrative-driven games. Aimed at amateur and established storytellers, you can create story games with your text, media files and a little bit of coding.

StoryStylus is in open beta. That means we’re working to add new features every week, giving you more options for creating your living, breathing, interactive story worlds. At this stage, we welcome early adopters with extra patience as we further refine the development process. Your feedback benefits everyone!

We work with students, authors, game designers and #1 New York Times best-sellers to create engaging, story-driven games. We care about stories in games and we want YOU to get paid to create them!

How Does It Work?

Creating story games with StoryStylus is pretty easy and fun. You can copy & paste your text, drag and drop media files (photos, illustrations, sound files) and when you’re ready, there’s some logic and LUA scripting to put it all together.

Make your story worlds linear, branching or sandbox exploration-like. Create top-down exploration maps or a Point-of-View world for players to explore. Want to add challenging quests for players that are time-based or collectibles to find? We’ve got you covered.

What Games Has It Made?

StoryStylus has been available to the public since late 2015. We’ve created mystery, sci-fi, cyberpunk and thriller games so far and you can find them at One More Story Games. They have all different art styles, stories and voices because different storytellers and artists collaborated on them. We’ve got horror, comedy and romance games coming too.

Stay tuned for the release of the interactive game based on #1 NYT best-selling author Charlaine Harris’s book Shakespeare’s Landlord in 2017!

Who Should Use StoryStylus?

StoryStylus is for storytellers. Whether you’re a writer, game designer, screenwriter, graphic novelist or poet, you can use it to prototype, build short games to cross-promote your web-series or books, or build stand-alone games for sale in our marketplaces. Or just practice your storytelling skills.

We also work with educators and libraries to teach youth how to create story games – developing their language, communication, logic and programming skills.

We’re developing StoryStylus to be as easy as possible. In our beta release, you’ll see us continue to develop features, implement your feedback and build an amazing platform for the next generation of storytelling games.