Launch of Mandatory Upgrade: X Marks the Spot

One More Story Games is pleased to announce that Chris Tihor of Ironic Iconic Studio has published his first game with OMSG, a cyberpunk murder mystery set in futuristic Hamilton, ON.

Special Agent Rachel Varley didn’t know what she was getting into when she rejoined the world of international intelligence & security, but she sure wasn’t expecting to be investigating a suspicious death on her first day back, and definitely not a death involving a runaway cybernetic exosuit. Will Rachel be able to get to the heart of the mystery and still manage to escape in one piece?

Approx 90-120 minutes, $3.99. Free demo for 30 minutes.

Art by Julia Harrison ( and Alistair Murphy
Music by Steven G. Saunders (

Play Mandatory Upgrade: X Marks the Spot.

SubQ & Interactive Storytelling

SubQ & Interactive Storytelling

Kerstin Hall interviews Jean Leggett for sub-Q.

Jean Leggett is co-founder and director of One More Story Games. She is situated in Canada and makes a lot of jokes about dumplings.

This interview took place over Skype.

Kerstin Hall: Let’s start with the basics. When was One More Story Games founded?

Jean Leggett: OMSG was founded in July 2013, incorporated in Dec 2013.

Kerstin: How have things been going so far?

Jean: Good. We’ve been bootstrapping the development of our engine this whole time – and we’re now in beta. The engine is only available for PC at the moment, but published games play in browsers, on Facebook, and on Android.

Kerstin: According to your website, at OMSG, story comes first. How do you make this a reality in practical terms?

Jean: Because we’re less focused on the graphics in the game, the focus naturally falls on the story. We’re not about building a platformer or puzzle game like Candy Crush. When you play one of our stories, you’ll see that narrative is central. We work with writers and game devs from all over the world to create story-driven games.

Kerstin: All over the world? Which countries have come up thus far?

Jean: France, USA, Germany, India, Thailand. They’re in various stages of development.

Kerstin: That must add such interesting dimensions to the work you publish.

Jean: We’re exceptionally passionate about diversity in games—we want people from many different cultures to share their stories on our platform. For example, I’m hard of hearing and my whole family is deaf. There’s never been a game with deaf characters as the central figures. We’re working to develop a game that is delivered entirely in ASL—American Sign Language. That’s a perspective in games that has never been available to date, but our engine makes it possible.

Kerstin: With the previous answer somewhat pre-empting this, what do you think is lacking in gaming currently, both in the mainstream and more generally?

Jean: Games are the most pervasive they’ve ever been—half of Canadians have played a game in the last four weeks, according to reports—and what’s missing is the diversity and focus on storytelling.

I think that waiting on big studios to deliver diverse stories is a mistake. Look at Hollywood. They’ve been around forever and it’s still very white, very male. Diversity is an issue.

Kerstin: As evidenced by the Oscars. I think there’s more pushback against normative frameworks in general. A productive environment?

Jean: Indeed. And games are an art form. People still think games are exclusively for 17-year-old boys, but the largest segment of consumers are women over 18. Plus, women over 30 are fast becoming the largest consumer base. So we think, based on reports and our own feedback, that women love stories and deserve better than Candy Crush (I’m on level 1494 or something).

I think that when we make tools available to storytellers with diverse backgrounds, we’ll start to see more diverse stories. I watched this great TEDtalk by a woman from the Nigeria. She talked about how, growing up, she read children’s books that were imported from the USA. She never saw Nigerian storybooks and thus never saw her culture represented in books. How tragic is that?

Kerstin: Was that “The Danger of a Single Story?” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie?

Jean: YES!


To read the whole article here:

Talking Comics Interview

Talking Comics Interview

Talking Comics

Talking Comics talks it up with Jean Leggett about storytelling in games, how One More Story Games came to be and the upcoming project with Charlaine Harris.

Listen to the whole podcast here:

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Are you a creative individual who loves video games and has a story to tell? Well, you’re definitely going to want to listen to this interview featuring Jean Leggett of One More Story Games. As a interactive entertainment publisher on the rise, One More Story Games is the creator of StoryStylus – an intuitive text and visual-based games-developing engine. In addition to having already released several titles using the StoryStylus software, it’s recently been announced that this bold new company has partnered with #1 New York Times Best Selling Author Charlaine Harris to bring her Shakespeare’s Landlord book series to gamers everywhere!

Learn more about the Shakespeare’s Landlord project and how you can get the Storystylus software here at One More Story Games!

During the interview, you’ll learn about the origin of One More Story Games, the projects they’ve recently published, how they came to be partners with Charlaine Harris, and even how you too can create games using the StoryStylus games engine!

And She Games

Article from And She Games, a gaming site that encourages young girls and women to play board games and video games.

Over at And She Games, we want to show that anyone can game, and that us women are gamers too. That it is cool for women to game, and that there are many of us out there who do so.

My friends over at One More Story Games realized this on their own (as they are very smart people).  They also realized that the beauty of starting your own gaming company is you can do it anywhere. Sure Barrie, Ontario isn’t known for being a hub of gaming, but if you are doing something different, like making games with the idea that women need better gaming options than just Candy Crush, then  why not do that in an unusual area too.

Jean and Blair have received a positive reception to their platform that is is building smarter storytelling-focused casual games.  They have been recruiting emerging and established authors to develop game content with OMSG’s authoring software StoryStylus to publish interactive story games

And today they have secured a huge name Charlaine Harris! They will be adapting Charlaine’s novel “Shakespeare’s Landlord” into an interactive story game.   This means not only can you read it, but you can play it!!  Wish you could talk to the characters? Now you can!

Click here for the full article.