One More Story Games is proud to offer its second year of summer camp programming for youth to learn about video game creation here in Barrie!

This one week program is

  • for kids aged 12-16
  • who enjoy reading and want to create an interactive story game
  • who enjoy video games and want to learn the basics of storytelling and coding
  • Instruction is in English and ASL (American Sign Language)
  • Maximum 10 students per class, with 2 instructors.

Hours of camp are 10am to 3:30pm,  Monday through Friday.

Dates: July 4-8 // July 18-22 // August 8-12 // August 22-26

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  • Storytelling basics – what are the nouns of your story – people, place, things, conversations
  • What kind of games do you want to make? Are they simple or do they have lots of possible endings? Linear versus branching stories (like Choose Your Own Adventures!)
  • Researching media files – get photos and sound effects online
  • Learn basic programming skills
  • Putting all the pieces of the story together to test and share the story game on the web, Facebook and tablet

For registration details, visit:

A special thank you to our sponsors at The Creative Space and SimCoLab for hosting us in their space!