StoryStylus Interviews

Category5 TechTV: Future of Storytelling

The folks at Category5 TechTV had Jean on the show to talk about turning books into story games, retro games focussed on storytelling, OMSG’s project with Charlaine Harris and the upcoming story games such as Mandatory Upgrade, The Fireside Murders and many... read more

SubQ & Interactive Storytelling

Kerstin Hall interviews Jean Leggett for sub-Q. Jean Leggett is co-founder and director of One More Story Games. She is situated in Canada and makes a lot of jokes about dumplings. This interview took place over Skype. Kerstin Hall: Let’s start with the basics. When... read more

Nerdy But Flirty Interview

Kelsey from Nerdy but Flirty interviews our COO Jean Leggett I recently had the opportunity to interview Jean Leggett, COO of One More Story Games, about the company and an exciting new development! They’ll be adapting Charlaine Harris’s novel Shakespeare’s Landlord... read more

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