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Talking Comics talks it up with Jean Leggett about storytelling in games, how One More Story Games came to be and the upcoming project with Charlaine Harris.

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Are you a creative individual who loves video games and has a story to tell? Well, you’re definitely going to want to listen to this interview featuring Jean Leggett of One More Story Games. As a interactive entertainment publisher on the rise, One More Story Games is the creator of StoryStylus – an intuitive text and visual-based games-developing engine. In addition to having already released several titles using the StoryStylus software, it’s recently been announced that this bold new company has partnered with #1 New York Times Best Selling Author Charlaine Harris to bring her Shakespeare’s Landlord book series to gamers everywhere!

Learn more about the Shakespeare’s Landlord project and how you can get the Storystylus software here at One More Story Games!

During the interview, you’ll learn about the origin of One More Story Games, the projects they’ve recently published, how they came to be partners with Charlaine Harris, and even how you too can create games using the StoryStylus games engine!