Article from And She Games, a gaming site that encourages young girls and women to play board games and video games.

Over at And She Games, we want to show that anyone can game, and that us women are gamers too. That it is cool for women to game, and that there are many of us out there who do so.

My friends over at One More Story Games realized this on their own (as they are very smart people).  They also realized that the beauty of starting your own gaming company is you can do it anywhere. Sure Barrie, Ontario isn’t known for being a hub of gaming, but if you are doing something different, like making games with the idea that women need better gaming options than just Candy Crush, then  why not do that in an unusual area too.

Jean and Blair have received a positive reception to their platform that is is building smarter storytelling-focused casual games.  They have been recruiting emerging and established authors to develop game content with OMSG’s authoring software StoryStylus to publish interactive story games

And today they have secured a huge name Charlaine Harris! They will be adapting Charlaine’s novel “Shakespeare’s Landlord” into an interactive story game.   This means not only can you read it, but you can play it!!  Wish you could talk to the characters? Now you can!

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